Shima Onsen Yunoyado Yamabato Famous for reserved outdoor spa and reserved spa and hearth cooking

Company information

Thank you for visiting us.
Have a meal, bath, and sleep.
This is the way we recommend when you stay with us.
We entertain and provide services for your better stay.
As we would like to feel free to help yourself, we don't do tea service in the room or greeting from us in the room.
Please relax in our proud baths which are said to heal more than 40000 diseases.

DirectorYoshiko Yamaguchi
Address4358-11 Shima Hyugami, Nakanojo-machi, Azuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture
Renovation1998 after 7-month-closing
Building3 stories of steel frame construction (entrance on the first floor)

All kinds of lodging business (New graduates/mid-career)
You can experience many kinds of lodging business as we have only 7 rooms.
You can think and put your ideas into action, and get feedback from our customers directly.

Chef (New graduates/mid-career)
As we have only 7 rooms, you can try many things every day and find out what our customers need.
The new graduates are acceptable.


◯ Full-time
Administrative staff 1500000 yen per month
Chef 200000yen per month
※The trial period is provided. The salary is the same during the period.

◯ Part-time
Long-term is acceptable
※800 yen during the trial period (3-6 months)

○ Full-time
7 am to 8:30 pm (8 working hour/ shift work/ overtime work is required sometimes)

○ Part-time
7 am to 8:30 pm (3-6 working hours/ shift work)
If you have never worked or you have not worked for a long time after giving babies, we provide various types of jobs, you can decide which job you would like during the trial period.


○ Full time:
8 days per month, shift work, paid holiday, congratulations and condolence leave

Part-time:Depending on your request

LocationShima onsen
QualificationNew graduates, no experience, new graduates from cooking school are welcome. Any ages and any educational background are acceptable. Having a driving license is preferable.
Uniform lending, a part of travel expense is paid, social insurance is available, various allowance are provided, staff meals are served, dormitory for singles is provided

Uniform lending, a part of travel expense is paid, dormitory for singles or family is provided
Holiday8 days for 4 weeks
Description of businessManagement of lodge and restaurant
ApplicationSend us your CV at the following contact. We will contact you after a screening.
Day trip
Mail magazine-You will get a free ticket for staying every month
Information about Shima Onsen

Shima Onsen is located in Nakanojo-machi, Azuma-gun, Gunma prefecture. It takes about 1hour 50 minutes from Tokyo to Nakanojo-machi by train, and it takes about 40 minutes from the station to the Onsen. It takes about 2 hours and a half totally and the area spread about 3 km along the Shima River. The area is divided into 5 areas, Ymaguchi, Shinto, Yuzuriha, Hyugami, and Yaabato is located in Hyugami. When you come by car, you head to north on route 353 from Nakanojo-machi. When you come from Tokyo or Satitama, take Kanetsudo and get off Shibukawa Ikaho IC and take route 17 or route 353.

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