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These are questions that we are frequently asked.
Please have a look when you have any questions.

About spa

Q: What time can I have a bath by?

A: Our spa is open from the check-in time to until 10am. You can have a bath at midnight or in the early morning too.

Q: Do I need a reservation for reserved spa?

A: You can make the reservation for 3 baths when you check in before 6pm. From 6pm to 10am, please fill in your name on the board at the entrance of the spa if the bath is available. You can fill in the name there beforehand as well.

About spa
About the weather

Q: Does it snow?

A: As we are located close to Nigata prefecture, it snows. It doesn't snow as a lot as the skiing spots but we recommend you to use snow tires or chains for tires if you visit us by car.
You can catch a coach from Tokyo Station, Shin Koshigaya or Kawagoe station and we can book a ticket for you.

Please see the website of Kanetsu Kotsu.

About the weather
About facilities

Q: Check-in and check-out time

A: Check- in is 3pm and check-out is 11am.
Late check out is available for 1000 yen (excluded tax) per person for 1 hour.

Q: Are yukata or towel provided?

A: We provide the following tiems.
Yukata( a kind of kimono), towels, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, tabi (Japanese socks), hair dryer(Hair iron is available at the reception)

Toiletries, body soaps, facial soaps, hair shampoo & conditioner, cotton buds, hair bands, shavers, shower caps.

Q: Can I use WIFI?

A: You can use [FREE SPOT] all areas. You can use it easily if you make an account on FREE SPOT beforehand.
Please notice we can not support any troubles for using WIFI.

About facilities

Q: Is the meal Japanese cuisine?

A: We are one of the restaurant which promote local foods in Gunma Prefecture and we were serve special dishes using local foods.

[locavore dish]
This dishes is Japanese but inspired by Western cuisine and everyone enjoys the meal.

Dinner: 6pm
Breakfast: 8am
If you are planning to arrive after 5pm, please let us know beforehand.

About transportation

Q; Do you have any car parking?

A: We have 3 spaces in front of our hotel and 3 spaces in the back as well. In case it is full or you need to move your car a lot, you can use other car parking located close to our hotel. They are free.

Day trip
Mail magazine-You will get a free ticket for staying every month
Information about Shima Onsen

Shima Onsen is located in Nakanojo-machi, Azuma-gun, Gunma prefecture. It takes about 1hour 50 minutes from Tokyo to Nakanojo-machi by train, and it takes about 40 minutes from the station to the Onsen. It takes about 2 hours and a half totally and the area spread about 3 km along the Shima River. The area is divided into 5 areas, Ymaguchi, Shinto, Yuzuriha, Hyugami, and Yaabato is located in Hyugami. When you come by car, you head to north on route 353 from Nakanojo-machi. When you come from Tokyo or Satitama, take Kanetsudo and get off Shibukawa Ikaho IC and take route 17 or route 353.

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