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Scope of application

Article 1
1.Contracts for accommodation and relating agreements to be applied to between Yamabato and the Guest shall be subject the Terms and Conditions.
Any particulars not provided in the contracts shall be governed by laws and regulations, and generally accepted practices.

2.In the case we have applied to a special contract with the Guest, the special contract shall take precedence over the previous article.

Application for accommodation contract

Article 2
1.A Guest who plans to make an application for accommodation with us shall notify us the following particulars,
Names of the guest(s)
Date of the accommodation and the estimated time of arrival
Accommodation charges (This is basically based on the price list which shows in the appended table 1.)
Any other particulars deemed necessary by us.

2.When guests request to extend their stay during the stay, it shall be regarded as another application for a new accommodation contract.

Establishment of booking

Article 3
1.Contract shall be deemed when we accept guests bookings. However, this does not apply to the case we prove that we don't accept it.

2.Guests are requested to pay the deposit, which is based on Accommodation Charges for their stay (maximum for 3 nights if you stay more than 3 nights) by the date specified by us when the contract is established.

3.The deposit shall be used first for the accommodation charge but it shall be appropriated for the penalty first, then damages on the case relating the article 6 and 18, and we shall pay it back to you if there are any balance which based on article 12.

4.The contract shall be invalid in the case you do not pay by the date we require to pay based on paragraph 2. This applies to the case we inform the date.

Special case that the deposit is not needed to pay

Article 4
1.Regardless of paragraph 2 of the proceeding article, there are cases we accept the agreement that the deposit is not needed to pay after booking is confirmed.

2.Upon the acceptance of the application of booking, in the case, we do not request you to pay the deposit and we do not specify the date of paying, we proceed as a special case.

Refusal of agreement of booking

Article 5
There are some following cases we might not establish the agreement.
In the case the application for booking does not apply to this agreement.
In the case there is no available room.
In the case the person who is going to stay is judged that he might be against orders and morals.
In the case the guest who is going to stay is judged to have an infectious disease.
In the case we are requested to be burden more than our capacity.
In the case we cannot have guests due to natural disaster, failure of facilities, and other unavoidable cases.
In the case the contract applies to the Law of Accommodation in Gunma prefecture.

Right to cancel accommodation contracts by the Guests

Article 6
1.Guests offer us to cancel their agreement.

2.In the case guests cancel the whole agreement or a part of the agreement (When they cancel the agreement before the date of payment we request based on article 3 item 2, it doesn't apply to this), we request the guests to pay penalty based on Appendid2. But when we apply this to Article 4 item1, we request the guests to pay only when we request.

3.We might cancel the application in the case the guests do not arrive by 7 pm on the arriving day (if the guests notice your arriving time beforehand, 2 hours after the time).

Right to cancel accommodation contracts by us

Article 7
1.We might cancel the agreement in following cases.
In the case the guest who is going to stay is judged that he might be against orders and morals.
In the case the guest who is going to stay is judged to have an infectious disease.
In the case we are requested to be burden more than our capacity.
In the case we can not have guests due to a natural disaster.
In the case the contract applies to the Law of Accommodation in Gunma prefecture.

Registration of booking

Article 8
1.Guests shall be requested to register the following particulars at the reception on the arriving day.
The name, age, sex, address and occupation of guests who stays at our lodging
The nationality, the number of passports, and the place and the date of entering in Japan
The date and time of departure
Any other particulars we need

2.In the case the guests prefer to pay by other ways that include travel cheques or voucher, we request the guests to show them on their bookings and registrations.

Operating time of rooms

Article 9
1.Guests can use the room between 2 pm and 10 am next day. But they are allowed to use the room all day except for the arriving and leaving days.

2.We accept the overtime use of the room regardless of the article above. Guests shall be requested to pay for the following additional fee.
Up to 6 hours: 1050 yen per person
Up to 8 hours: 100 % of the room charge
More than 8 hours: 100 % of the room charge

Article 10
The Guests shall observe our regulations with us.

Business hours

Article 11
1.The business hours of major facilities in our accommodation is as following, and we show them of our facilities in our leaflet, notice boards and in our rooms.
Closing time: 11pm
Business hours: from 8:30 am to 9 pm

Food serving
Breakfast: from 8 am to 8:30 am
Lunch: from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Dinner: from 6 pm to 6:30 pm
Room service: from 8 am to 9 pm

Associated facilities
Shop: from 8:00 am to 9 pm

2.The business hours above will be changed in unavoidable situations. In that case we will notice the customer in an appropriate way.


Article 12
1.Detail of the payment is based on Appended table 1.

2.Payment is made by cash, Japanese yen, at the reception when guests departure or we request.

3.Guests shall be asked to make a payment in the case you do not stay after we prepare the room for them for their personal reasons.

Our responsibilities

Article 13
1.On proceeding the agreement and issues relating the agreement, in the case we cause damage on you, we shall pay for the damage. But it does not apply for this if this does not cause by us.

2.Our facilities are exempt from the regulation that fire services issue, but we try to have the disaster prevention system and we have taken out the insurance which supports our facilities in the case of the disaster.
(In the case we cannot arrange the rooms.)

Article 14
1.We arrange alternative accommodation of the same standard elsewhere for the guests.

2.When the arrangement of other accommodation cannot be made, we shall pay the guests a compensation fee and it shall be applied to reparations. However, in the case we cannot provide accommodation due to the causes for which we are not liable, we shall not compensate the guests.

Handling of deposited goods

Article 15
1.We shall compensate the guests for damages, in the case loss, breakage or other damage is caused to their goods, cash or valuables deposited at the reception by the guest, except for the case this has happened due to causes of force majeure. However, as for cash and valuables, the guest has failed to appeal when we request the guest for an appraisal of the value, we shall compensate the guest up to 50000 yen.

2.We shall compensate the guest for the damages when loss, breakage and other damage are caused, to the goods, cash, and valuables that are not deposited at the reception.

Custody of Baggage and belongings of Guest

Article 16
1.When the baggage of the guest is brought into us before their arrival, we shall store it only when we have accepted the request. The baggage shall be handed to the guest when they arrive.

2.When the baggage or belongings of the guests are found after their checkout and the owner is confirmed, we shall inform the owner and ask for further instruction. When no instructions are given to us or the owner is not confirmed, we shall store it for 7 days and handle it according to our rules.

Liability in regard to parking

Article 17
We shall not be liable for the custody of the vehicle of the guest when they use the car parking as we simply offer the space for parking whether the key has been deposited to us or not. However, we shall compensate the guest for the damage caused by us.

Liability of the guest

Article 18
1.The guest shall compensate us for the damage caused by them.
A calculation method for accommodation charge shall be based on Attached table No. 2.
A calculation method for accommodation charge. Accommodation charge: 1. Basic Accommodation charge (room charge including dinner and breakfast), Extra charges: 2. Extra meal and drink (excluding dinner and breakfast) and other expenses, tax (consumption tax and spa tax).
Additional1: Basic accommodation charge shall be shown at the reception.

2.The accommodation charges for children apply to those who are under 12 years old, we shall charge 70 % of the charges for adult when we serve meal and bedding, 50 % of them when we serve meal for children and bedding, 40 % of them when we only serve meal, 30 % of them when we only serve to bed. 1350 yen when we don't serve anything, 1050 yen as facilities uses for children under 6 years old. However we shall charge same as an adult if they are under 12 years old when we serve same meal and bedding as an adult.

Date of cancellationNo showAccommodation day1 day prior to Accommodation day2 days prior to Accommodation day3 days prior to Accommodation day4 days prior to Accommodation day5 days prior to Accommodation day7 days prior to Accommodation day
Date of cancellation 
No show100%
Accommodation day100%
1 day prior to Accommodation day70%
2 days prior to Accommodation day60%
3 days prior to Accommodation day50%
4 days prior to Accommodation day40%
5 days prior to Accommodation day30%
7 days prior to Accommodation day20%

1.The percentages show the cancellation charge to the Basic Accommodation charges.
2.When the number of days that are arranged is reduced, the cancellation charges for the first day shall be paid by the guest, regardless of the number of days reduced.
3.When part of a group booking is canceled, the cancellation charge shall not be charged for persons in the booking equivalent to 10% (with fractions rounded up) of the total number of persons if the cancellation is made 10 days prior to occupancy (when it is accepted less than 10 days prior to the occupancy, as of the date).

Terms of use

We kindly ask customers to observe the following the rules based on the Article 10 for maintaining the publicity of us and customers safety.
In the case you don't observe them, we would cancel the agreement for your stay based on the Article 7.

Please do not use the fire for heating, cooking and ironing in the room and aisle.
Please do not smoke or somewhere is easy to be caught the fire.
Please do not have any guest to your room or let them use any facilities and goods.
Please don't bring the following goods.
Animals, Birds,
Goods, which have a strong odor
Ignitable Gunpowder, volatile oils, and hazardous chemicals
Guns and swords without licenses
Too many goods

Please refrain from doing anything that are related to gambling, disturbs public morals and causes trouble to other customers in our facilities.
Please do not use your room or reception as your office without our permission.
Please do not advertise anything in our facilities.
Please do not change any our facilities without our permission.
Please do not move, amend and take out our goods or don't use them for another purpose.
Please do not enter any facilities, which are not for customers except for emergency or other unavoidable occasions.

Please leave your belongings in the corridor or reception.

Please do not order any meal outside of our accommodation.

We shall not reimburse your shopping, ticket, taxi fares and postage.

Day trip
Mail magazine-You will get a free ticket for staying every month
Information about Shima Onsen

Shima Onsen is located in Nakanojo-machi, Azuma-gun, Gunma prefecture. It takes about 1hour 50 minutes from Tokyo to Nakanojo-machi by train, and it takes about 40 minutes from the station to the Onsen. It takes about 2 hours and a half totally and the area spread about 3 km along the Shima River. The area is divided into 5 areas, Ymaguchi, Shinto, Yuzuriha, Hyugami, and Yaabato is located in Hyugami. When you come by car, you head to north on route 353 from Nakanojo-machi. When you come from Tokyo or Satitama, take Kanetsudo and get off Shibukawa Ikaho IC and take route 17 or route 353.

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