Shima Onsen Yunoyado Yamabato Famous for reserved outdoor spa and reserved spa and hearth cooking

Particular about food

We are selected one of the restaurants of local production for local consumption in Gunma, and we serve the meal with local production as Bizan cuisine[cuisine of local production for local consumption], and it is very popular for customers. This is Japanese cuisine with western cuisine.

Please eat as much as you want.
We try to use many ingredients and you can consume at least 30 kinds of ingredients for breakfast, which you need a day.
Having a bath makes you hungry.
Our customers are wide range of age groups, also some or them are well and the others are not. You don't have to eat all and try to eat little by little.
Eating is very important when you think about hot spring cure, we use good ingredients and try to use them all. Also, we make good dashi (Japanese soup stock) with good sheets of kelp or dried bonitos. We serve a healthy meal with local productions.

Particular about food
Local production for local consumptionWe select good ingredients that produce in Gunma and serve the nice meal made of them.
Particular about hot spring
Particular about hot spring
Have a bath with feeling the nature

It has been said that Shima Onsen heals more than 40000 diseases and has been popular for centuries.

People who came for medical treatment used to stay here for at least between 1 week and 10 days, or a month. Therefore we provide baths which you can use them for 24 hours, and we don't use any machines or chemical ingredients. We don't have a big bath but have three private baths and they are suitable for family with little children, couples, people who need medical treatment. You can use them anytime and relax without other people.
You can make a booking at the reception until 6pm and you can use any baths which are vacant between 6am and 10 am.

Water flowing directly from the hot spring source


Tools and toys for children

Particular about sleep

The night in Shima onsen is dark. Nowadays everywhere is bright with neon lights but this is an ideal night.

What you can hear is the mummer of the stream, or the calls of animals when you open the window. Our windows are sound proof windows and you don't hear any sound outside if you lock the windows.
Bedding is silk floss. The mattress is fourfold and the one side is soft and the other is hard. The duvet is reversible and contains down feather (90%) and the feather (15%), and the weight is 1.5 kg and it is warm enough for winter.
The pillow contains the feather and covered one side with polyethylene pipes and this side is a bit harder than the other side. If you prefer the pillow filled with buckwheat husks or children pillow, please feel free to ask us.
Why not spend your time on chatting or playing games with your family or friends?

Particular about sleep
Away from busy environment Spending a relaxing time
Particular about a hearth
Particular about a hearth
Our hearth welcome you at the entrance and people relax around the hearth.

It is located near the entrance and we serve tea or matcha here.

You can help yourself to have coffee or milk here in the morning.
Our carbon is produced in local.

Particular about tatami

Therefore people won't make any noise when they walk there.

Particular about tatami
Our aisles are covered with tatami which is a symbol of Japanese style.
Day trip
Mail magazine-You will get a free ticket for staying every month
Information about Shima Onsen

Shima Onsen is located in Nakanojo-machi, Azuma-gun, Gunma prefecture. It takes about 1hour 50 minutes from Tokyo to Nakanojo-machi by train, and it takes about 40 minutes from the station to the Onsen. It takes about 2 hours and a half totally and the area spread about 3 km along the Shima River. The area is divided into 5 areas, Ymaguchi, Shinto, Yuzuriha, Hyugami, and Yaabato is located in Hyugami. When you come by car, you head to north on route 353 from Nakanojo-machi. When you come from Tokyo or Satitama, take Kanetsudo and get off Shibukawa Ikaho IC and take route 17 or route 353.

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